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Bastard's Notebook

Considering what kind of mask your hide would make...

13 August
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Name: Dmitri.

Occupation: Mad scientist? Professional lunatic? Guy what does the cool masks and props? Semi-pro abstractionist? Meh. Who knows.

Anyways, if you're reading this, it's likely you either found this because of my artwork, or my masks and props, or because I've added you recently. Now, calm the fuck down- I don't bite normally, and well, we've just met. Feel free to add me and join in on the discussions. Don't expect me to add you back if you're not going to comment, identify yourself, or similar.

Other Facts
I'm married to the lovely plaidbrat.
Between us, we've got one kid, known on here usually as B, or Brenna, or Cute Destroyer Of All Things Breakable.

Personal Contact info, for those what need it and can access it.

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