Dmitri (winneganfake) wrote,


 So, for those of you wanting to support small artists and businesses online today, here's a list of people who've posted their wares thus far in the various Bizarre Holiday Bazaar threads I've been starting all over the web:

Of course, there's my store, Tormented Artifacts, but let's get into the others as well:

So, from the Tumblr thread, we have:

Miss Poe’s Tea Emporium. 


cissa 's Etsy, which features her own rather awesome metalwork. 

And finally, growly 's Etsy site

And finally, the Dreamwidth entry, which is looking a little bit lonely, but features what looks to be a great book by [Unknown LJ tag] here's the link. 

All of these links are full of awesome stuff- so before you head out for the big-box stores, why not take some time to check out these awesome artists instead?

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