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The (not-so-dreaded) post-con report - Bastard's Notebook
Considering what kind of mask your hide would make...
The (not-so-dreaded) post-con report
So, let's go into the dreaded post-con report and get everything from Norwescon covered in one swell foop.

Thursday: Well, Thursday was downright awesome on the business front, as that's pretty much the only thing I dealt with that day. Yeah, not much of a detailed thing there. Though I did get to take in a trailer for this project while I was there.

Note that this definitely is NOT the trailer I saw at con- that was was bigger, fuller, longer, and well, full of a lot more awesomeness. Regardless, it's one indie movie I'm hoping to see hit publication.


Dude. One highlight that eclipses the rest of the daytime stuff- I got to meet both Jim and Shannon Butcher, and Jim ended up signing my copy of Changes right there at the booth! (not to mention he also decided to pick himself up a gauntlet! Dude!) Other than that, it was a fairly normal day. 

That night, on the other hand, the insanity went full bore with the fashion show stuff. Thankfully, all of my models were great and went into this with a good attitude. I've definitely got some lessons to learn before I go do this stuff next year, though.

1- No more switching outfits- One outfit to one model. This is the ONLY acceptable ratio if I want any sanity left by the time the show's done.

2- Preparation- so help me, ideas get started now, and construction begins the fucking moment I confirm I'm doing the fashion show. No more of this finishing stuff on the final day bullcrap, as that utterly sucked.

3- I forget what three was for. Just like I forgot half my brain during the damn preshow and show itself- having handlers was definitely a good thing and must continue.

4- Rehearsal. Yes, there will definitely be one.

Ok, that about covers the majors for it. Some new designs also came out of doing this show- which is fucking awesome- one new gauntlet type's going to go into production soon as I get done with some other stuff this week.


Saturday was pretty normal for business and everything else- also got some good feedback on the show itself, which was a big boost to hear.


Again, pretty normal for stuff. Mostly, I was dealing with an issue of having had my expectations set too high by the incredibly awesome amount of business done on Thursday- it made what was a good show look fairly weak by comparison, which always sucks.

So, all told? Good show, will definitely do again.